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lorenzi living and loving art
Giuseppe Lorenzi started working with ceramic in the 80s and it became his great passion. He loves clay and its fragility and strength; today he's 45 and he still loves this material. He hates ties and he find his inspiration cooking an excellent “risotto” with pears&cheese.
Luciana Perego interprets Lorenzi's work and translates its meaning into words, so that she contributes meaningfully to the promotion of his work. She's 42, is a pisces ; she doesn’t dislike cooking but she prefers to be invited for dinner.
Roberto Biffi was born in Bergamo( Italy) in1960. He graduated in architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan in 1986. He loves flying, he has been a designer with a keen interest in a range of media for more than 25 years.

Lino Tadini has been crafting wood for 40 years, with a remarkable passion and ability.His curiosity for the new and his long-standing expertise in the use of wood and other materials have made of him a notable artisan, as has his ability to convert any idea into concrete form.



At the beginning of 2007, born Lorenzi Living & Loving Art, a new adventure, both human and professional, that led us to a new way of interpreting wood and ceramics. The excitement of that meeting gave rise to the idea of designing and producing Art-design pieces and lamps. These objects are completely crafted by hand and are produced well away from managerial stress and the pressures of sales targets. Natural materials, an innate passion, the attention to detail and the desire to experiment are the driving philosophy of their work - which is carried out by hand and produced with their heart.